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Bengals 2021 Training Camp
2020 Season Recap
The Bengals 2020 season was doomed from the start. In week one Quarterback Josh Freeman went down with a serious injury. He was out for most of the season, placing Steve Gainey at the helm, debatable before he was ready. He performed above the expectations. Finishing at nearly 4000 yards and 21 touchdowns. At first glance it looks impressive for a 2nd year QB. But taking a look at his other stats, including 23 interceptions and 40 sacks. That is atrocious. But at the same time, it's expected from a learning quarterback.

For the first time in 5 seasons, the Bengals receiving core yielded not only one, but two thousand yard receivers, in DeMarco Mann and DeAndre Hopkins. Could have been a fluke due to playing from behind, but it happened. This is a great to see out of our receiving core. Hopkins is still signed with the team for a couple more years, and Mann is expected to sign a long term contract in the coming off season. These two will continue to line up and succeed on the outside for hopefully many years to come.
In a true surprise out of the receivers, 2nd year receiver out of Boston College, WR Connor O'Sullivan. Coming off of a less than stellar rookie year only seeing 300 yards and 1 TD. Connor broke out from the slot position, catching 40 pass, over 800 yards and 8 touchdowns! O'Sullivan was definitely another shining star in the receiving core and we expect him to produce the same this year with a more complete offense in place.

The Offensive line allowed way too many sacks, but as stated earlier, its part of having a young QB under center. We didn't have many problems with the oline, Sambrailo continued to show his value. Cooper once again had a solid season at LT. Offseason signee Mike Pouncey finally filled a hole at Center that we have had for many years. Finally gone are the days of trading a future 3rd round pick for a promising center that we were never able to work. Pouncey provided a veteran leadership and definitely helped navigate Gainey through the season. The only sore spot on the offensive line, was highly paid RG Ricky Wagner. He had a measly 5:1 pancake to sack ratio. He also put up career low pancakes and a career high sacks allowed. It was an unacceptable performance from such a high salary contract player. This saw Wagner seeing the boot once off season hit and also alleviated us of his massive contract. And lastly RT Thaddeus Hope. On paper his numbers were debate ably bad. He was drafted higher than a player of his skill might suggest, so we have to keep in mind that he wasnt as developed as some OTs coming out have been. He had a minor setback in his sacks allowed, but is still improving and we expect him to be more consistent in his game this year.

Offseason Recap -
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Bengals 2019 Offseason
The Bengals had a pretty quiet offseason this year. Making no free agent signings until preseason. Some people questioned my dedication to the team. Did he quit? Is all hope lost?
Well no. Let's start at free agent signings. I am obviously terrible with free agent signings. With terrible contracts like Wagner and Short, it's obvious we need to back it down a bit. It's not fun being stuck in a ridiculous contract that going to only get worse. That is why we did not partake in UFA this year.

With the free agency signings that we did get ::

DT Pat Ventura - 23 years old :: 78 overall :: 3rd year
Former 3rd round pick of the Texans, Ventura will serve as a depth player at the DT position. Will be fighting DT Tom Kovac for DT3

C Nick Hardwick - 37 years old :: 87 overall :: 16th year
Hardwick is a walking corpse that we brought in for one reason. To be a mentor Nick Ramirez in hopes of getting him as GZL ready as we can.

WR Mike Wallace - 34 years old :: 94 overall :: 12th year
We couldn't believe Wallace was still sitting in FA at this point. We didn't need to, but we picked him up anyways, on a 2 year deal on the hopes he stays respectable after regression this year. He will compete with DeMarco Mann for Wide Receiver 2. Regardless, he is expected to be a great asset to Josh Freeman for his time in Cincinnati.

LT Jordan Mills - 26 Years Old :: 80 overall :: 5th year
RT Brady Thomas - 26 Years old :: 74 overall :: 5th year
Both of the Offensive Tackle pickups are to comply with league mandated position requirements. Thomas is solely to backup, but we could see Mills step in to soften the blow if 20th overall pick, Thaddeus Hope begins to slump.

HB Jerome Dwight :: 27 years old :: 81 overall :: 5th year
We picked up Dwight to be a respectable backup behind Geo and Saldi. Probably won't see much from him, but he'll be here. Look for us to possibly pick up a 4th HB later on.

Offseason Cuts, I had some of those too!
WR Demetrius Jones :: 23 years old :: 73 overall :: 2nd year
WR Joshua Michaels :: 23 years old :: 75 overall :: 2nd year
WR Kerry Camerena :: 23 years old :: 72 overall :: 2nd year
HB Malcom Polk :: 23 years old :: 67 overall :: 2nd year

All mediocre players drafted last year. None of the players have been signed and will not sit in FA until they are purged from the league some day. It's sad but it happens. This now leaves only 1 player from the 2018 draft left on the Bengals, WR DeMarco Mann.


1.14 :: LG Ty Sambrailo :: 22 years old :: 85 overall :: 92 strength :: 79 acceleration :: 84 pass block:: 87 run block
Ty Sambrailo was considered by some the best of second best Offensive linemen of the draft. We were ecstatic that he fell to the 14th pick of the draft, as we were skeptical that he would even though most mocks had us taking him at this pick, if not later. Offensive Tackle was a bigger need for us in my eyes, then Center, than Guard. But Sambrailo is too good of a player to pass him up, and we had somebody we could move OG Givens too, so we picked him up. He is definately a day one starter, and will be in a Bengals uniform for a long time.

1.20 :: RT Thaddeus Hope :: 22 years old :: 74 overall :: 90 strength :: 78 acceleration :: 81 run block :: 83 pass block
Another boring, unanimously predicted pick, Thaddeus Hope, the undersized tackle out of Florida State. Thaddeus wasn't our guy, as we were going for Ereck Flowers, who the Patriots took at pick number 19. We were in desperate need of a new OT and we had hope in Hope, and we think he can still be the guy.

2.20 :: QB Steve Gainey :: 23 years old :: 74 overall :: 63 awareness :: 91 throw power :: 80 throw accuracy
But really, we are happy about this pick. Extremely happy actually. We targeted Gainey as our future QB as soon as the draft came out. He chose us too. Grew up a Bengals fan, and still was. Gainey will learn from Freeman for the next 3 years, will forming into his ultimate form, thanks to Freeman's incredible teaching ability. We cannot wait to unleash the Gainey. Be on warned.

2.26 :: MLB Boone Watauga :: 23 years old :: 73 overall :: 80 speed :: 77 strength :: 81 acceleration :: 83 tackle
Watauga is future proofing our team. Munoz is fantastic at MLB and we love him and expect great things from him for many years to come. But his years to come isn't as many as we'd like, and due to that, we need to begin grooming the next Munoz. That's where Watauga steps in. Sitting behind one of the defensive leaders in Munoz and learning from him day in , day out, we could see great things from him. He could slide in and start here and there as early as this year, he will also be backing up other LB positions.

3.20 HB Curtis Saldi :: 51 years old :: 77 overall :: 85 speed :: 82 break tackle :: 79 carry
A HB that was projected to us in the first round in one of the earlier mock drafts, we were able to pick up towards the end of the 3rd round. Steal of the century, yeah? Saldi could be the next golden boulder of GZL. He is 252 pounds of sex appeal. Defensive players will cower in fear of him. Depending on how we can progress him in his early years, he could be the new starting HB in due time. Until then he will backup Gio and be our Third Down running back.

3.22 WR Connor O'Sullivan :: 20 years old :: 79 overall :: 93 speed :: 94 agility :: 95 acceleration :: 77 catch

O'Sullivan was trying to fill out our team to build onto our then only 3 wide receivers. He adds in speed what he is missing in height. At 5'10" he won't be out jumping anybody any time soon, but we could see him getting 4-6 BIG gains throughout the season out of his backup role.

3.23 CB Amare Gold :: 21 years old :: 68 overall :: 91 speed :: 55 awarness :: 54 tak
Gold isn't going to see much field time, but his 6'1" and 96 jump will be great when he is on the field.

3.26 TE Darnell Boudreaux :: 20 years old 65 overall :: 83 speed :: 75 catch :: 42 Run block
Backup TE. What am i supposed to say? Bet you cant guess where he went to school!

4.20 C Nick Ramirez :: 22 years old :: 69 overall :: 90 strength :: 79 acceleration :: 79 run block :: 69 run block
Some love and care is all Nick needs to be in order to be a successful center for us. We have never had high standards when it came to our starting centers, we're just glad we didn't trade a future 3rd round pick for this one!

Boy oh boy do I love trading. We were a little more quiet this year when it came to our trades. I tried to limit my stupid trades and believe i did a decent job this year. We only did 3 trades this year with 2 teams.

Chargers Trades.

RE Kenny Logan
CB Brent Parrish

RE William Gholston
RT Kenny Wagner
CB Logan Ryan
RG Lawrence Givens

We are happy with our gains through the trades. We got a pretty new former first round pick in Brent Parrish who is going to compete with Ras-I Dowling for the number 2 corner back position.

Kenny Logan is going to start at RE for us as we decided that we couldn't keep running 2 pass rushing guys at Left end and right end. So we brought in Kenny and he should make a difference from week 1.

We traded Wagner and Givens to open up the starting spots for our first round draft picks. Ghoston is somebody we've been trying to trade for ages, and are just happy to have him gone. Logan Ryan is going to be really missed though. He was been a great help for us since we drafted him.


Did you stop scrolling? Cool. AF was finally able to dump off Josh Freeman. Years of amnesty threats, and finally, he was traded. We already gave up on Manziel. We can't handle the growing pains that came with him. It was killing our linemen progression wise, and wasn't help the rest of the team with progression points either. We traded him and the Buccaneers own first round pick for Freeman, OLB Otis Baker, who will start day 1 opposite of Akeem Ayers, and the Lions 3rd round pick, which we used on O'Sullivan. Cool i guess.

BUT JOSH FREEMAN IS A BENGAL. This is all we needed to be a serious contender this year. I see ourselves winning the super bowl this year. Really. Greatest called shot in Sports history? Yeah it is.

Early Depth Chart (*) Designates new to team

QB :: Josh Freeman (*)
HB :: Giovani Bernard, Curtis Saldi (*), Jerome Dwight (*)
FB :: Lester Tripp
WR :: DeAndre Hopkins, DeMarco Mann, Mike Wallace (*), A.J. Jenkins, Connor O'Sullivan (*)
TE :: Mickey Willson, Darnell Bourdeaux (*)
LT :: Jonathan Cooper, Jordan Mills (*)
LG :: Ty Sambrailo (*), Spencer Long
C :: Nick Ramirez (*), Leon Scott
RG :: Ricky Wagner, Bryan Parker
RT :: Thaddeus Hope (*), Brady Thomas (*)

RE :: Kenny Logan (*), Ronald Gregory
DT :: Kawaan Short, Dwayne Coyle, Tom Kovac, Pat Ventura (*)
LE :: Damontre Moore, Dee Ford
ROLB :: Akeem Ayers, Arthur Brown
MLB :: Ernest Munoz, Boone Watauga (*)
LOLB :: Otis Baker (*), Arthur Brown
CB :: Blaine Hasty, Brent Parrish(*), Ras-I Dowling, Lincoln Fitzgerald, Tyson Shaw
FS :: Bryan Harry, Joel Murray
SS :: Germane Baker, Lake Anthony

K :: Brett Maher
P :: Michael Palma

Training point allocation ::
With the 4 point we are receiving, i plan to make the following adjustments
OG Ty Sambrailo is going to recieve 1 strength to assist in making him even more elite than he already will be.

QB Steve Gaiey is going to get 1 throw power, to get him started in his quest to be the best.

WR DeMarco Mann is gaining another speed, his second speed gained now, this puts him at 95 speed. We really hope he puts up numbers like last year, it'd be hard not to with freeman throwing his way.

and lastly

HB Curtis Saldi will be gaining 1 acceleration in his quest to get 90 acceleration. he's going to need as much help as he can to get going in his career.

Thank you guys if you read to here. sorry its ugly, and probably poorly written. Thanks for having me another year, commishes. Thank you everyone in the league for making this the best league i've ever been a part of. You guys are some of my closest friends and like a family to me. I love you all. Best of luck this season, and hopefully I will be beating you on the field! Here's to GZL Season X!!!!!!
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Bengals Land Two BIG Free Agents

Cincinnati, OH - It is Saturday morning, and the dust is finally starting to settle after the annual GZL Match-Eligable Free Agency. A phase of free agency that has GMs with cap room, bidding ridiculous contracts on players, who shouldn't cost that much. But overspending aside..

GM Tinnin has confirmed that DT Kawaan Short from Houston, and OG Ricky Wagner from New York will be joining the Bengals starting in the 2018 campaign.

These are players that GM Tinnin had his eye on early, along with several others that we either were outbid on, or were matched. It is obvious that Dline and Oline are a focus this FA period, with all 4 total bids going to players on both lines.

"Our pass rush is abysmal, and Johnny needs a great oline to protect him, with such an unpredictable QB, it's not fair to expect the oline to progress with him making mistakes trying to run. "

Will the addition of a proven OG and DT help this team? Only time will tell, what do you think?

Forum Discussion (by B_Tinnin on 12/20/2014) Replies - 3 :: Views - 63
Bengals GM Tinnin Q&A
We have a break in the blizzard like conditions this evening in Cincy, and are doing the answers portion tonight, as tomorrow seems to be filled with more of the terrible weather.

Anthony Fernandez, Tampa Bay
Q -“What will you remember most from the Ryan Tannenhill-era in Cincy?”
A – Probably the thing that will be most remembered from the Tannenhill era is the mutual disconnect between myself when returning, and the already benched, Tannenhill. The previous GM who took him top 10, had him benched for another rookie QB within his first year. He was out of place to begin with, and was getting more and more unhappy, even though he wasn't performing on the field to deserve a first round pick. We wish him the best in Indianapolis, we think he will like it there, he has all the tools to succeed, look out for the Colts in the future.

Garth Pearce, Oakland
Q - “How are you going to progress your team into the Manziel era whilst actually being competitive all year?”
A – We have already seen progression in Manziel's game in the last few games of 2017. With a few free agent pickups and a good draft, I thing this is a playoff team this year, even with Manziel. We are all in on this kid, and with the right pieces, Manziel can lead this team for many years”

Tom Riddell, Detroit
Q - “When it comes to defensive players, what do you look for when it comes to D-Line, and what will your team motto be for this year?”
A – With our record breaking bad pass rush this last season, it's obvious what I have been looking for is wrong. It has been a concern of mine the season previous, but 2017 confirmed my fears. We are looking for already built players at DT, such as DT Short, of Houston. Bringing in a proven veteran player at the position will help me field a better Dline core in the future. We are also looking for great pass rush DE on the right side. Dee Ford , who we drafted last year did well in my eyes, and solidfied himself a starting spot on the left side. Look for us to target a DE draft day.
Our team motto for this year, is Play Smart and Play safe. We had some injury troubles this previous season and it really set us back I feel. We can't have the same injury bug we had last year. And playing smart. This is critical, both for the Wins and for player's progression. We need to avoid stupid turnovers, and silly sacks. It hurts moral of the team when they don't get the shot they deserve because of an avoidable mistake.

Bryan Laurenson, Chicago -
Q - “Heading into his second season, what expectations do you have for Manziel and his ability to win games? Is there a pressure to win or do you feel you are in a rebuilding phase while Manziel develops? “
A – I have high expectations for Manziel this season, but I do understand If there are growing pains still this year. The potential is here, and I have seen it in games, just need to keep putting in the pieces around him, we are set. We are in a rebuilding phase, but there still is pressure on the team to win. If we can win young, it will help us even more win in the long run.

Jeff Downey, New Orleans
Q - “Why did you decide to go ahead with Manziel when you had Tannehill? It seems like a strange approach to take.”

A- Tannenhill was not my QB. I returned to the team after a hiatus due to personal issues, and returned to the Bengals with Tannenhill (drafted 1.8) and Colin Klein (Drafted 2.8). I traded off Klein because the commitment to Tannenhill was higher, given his top 10 status/contract. He never did anything for me though. I had no connection to him. Brought in Rivers off of Waivers, and started him, won me GM of the year as well as Addition of the year. I took Manziel because I saw It as a way to get my QB. I like having guys with personalities, it makes for fun stories that I plan out in my head but am too lazy to write. All-in-all it's all for fun. I have a connection with Mazniel I didn't have with Tannenhill. I am proud with where I am and I can't wait to show everyone Manziel can be elite.

Nic St. Marrie, Seattle -
Q - “Do you feel as though your WRs are about average assets for Johnny, below-average, or above-average? "

In other words, do they absolve him a bit or throw him under the bus?”
A- Our WR core, well what's left of it, is average as of now. Our whole offense is quite young, they are all learning together as a core every practice and game. They are building chemistry and everything is beginning to click. We do need a stud of a WR for Manziel to have. Maybe that can happen this year, maybe it won't get to happen this year, whatever happens though, we are in a good situation at wideout.

Garth Pearce, Oakland
Q- “Do you think an improvement in your running backs would help Johnny and the ofense as a whole? “
A- I can't really find out why Gio Bernard isn't doing too hot. It makes me pretty sad, but I'm not going to give up, if I get my hands on another good back though, I will go to a 2 back system featuring Gio and that other back. I do think it will relieve a little bit of Manziel, our running was terrible last year, leaving Johnny in terrible passing situations.

Tom Ridell, Detroit -
Q - “If there one player you have from any GZL Team in his prime for 1 season who would it be and why “
A – I want to say 2013 Miles Austin, but he was on the Bengals already, and wasn't able to duplicate his stellar years he's had. So I'll probably go with 2014 Freeman. It's hard not to make a deep playoff run having the TD production Freeman had that year.

Tim Miller, Kansas City -
Q - “How long will you make us wait for you to pick during the untimed portion of the draft this year? “
A- 730 AM when I'm off work.
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Bengals Team News Conference
Please post questions for the clueless GM of the Cincinatti Bengals, Brady Tinnin here for them to be answered tomorrow at noon. (yeah im gonna steal this too, too great of an idea)
Forum Discussion (by B_Tinnin on 12/18/2014) Replies - 11 :: Views - 109

All Team News Stories

At A Glance

GM B_Tinnin
Head Coach J.Hufnagel
Offensive Coordinator E.Manning
Defensive Coordinator Ron Meeks
Special Teams Kevin Spencer
Salary $164.81M
Cap Penalty $8.74M
Cap Room $450K


AFC North
#8 Ravens y-Ravens 10-6-0 0.63 4-2
#14 Browns Browns 8-8-0 0.50 2-4
#27 Steelers Steelers 7-9-0 0.44 4-2
#20 Bengals Bengals 7-9-0 0.44 2-4

1 Sep 11 at Ravens Ravens #8
Won 37-29
2 Sep 17 at Browns Browns #14
Lost 7-19
3 Sep 24 vs Steelers Steelers #27
Lost 17-20
4 Oct 1 at Eagles Eagles #10
Won 17-10
5 Oct 8 at Steelers Steelers #27
Lost 3-31
6 Oct 15 vs Jaguars Jaguars #32
Won 42-7
7 Oct 22 at Colts Colts #22
Won 31-13
8 Oct 29 at Texans Texans #13
Won 19-16
10 Nov 12 vs Raiders Raiders #23
Won 21-17
11 Nov 19 vs Ravens Ravens #8
Lost 13-20
12 Nov 26 vs Redskins Redskins #11
Lost 24-31
13 Dec 3 at Giants Giants #19
Lost 10-15
14 Dec 10 vs Cowboys Cowboys #7
Lost 13-20
15 Dec 16 at Jets Jets #16
Lost 23-30
16 Dec 23 vs Browns Browns #14
Won 24-17
17 Dec 31 vs Titans Titans #9
Lost 24-25

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