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Seahawks preseason ends: schedule set, development shows
As the Seahawks start week one, the schedule strength based on last year looks very average. Amazingly average in fact.

WK   OPPONENT      Power Rank
1    vs Cowboys      4
2    at Cardinals   32
3    vs 49ers       31
4    at Giants      15
5    vs Redskins    16
7    at 49ers       31
8    vs Jets        11
9    at Bears        9
10   vs Cardinals   32
11   vs Patriots    19
12   at Bills       14
13   at Dolphins    26
14   at Rams         1
15   at Eagles      26
16   vs Rams         1
17   vs Buccaneers  10

Looking at this schedule, it looks to me like this is not the most challenging schedule. It's right in the middle, with an average of exactly 16 in power-ranking. The two divisions that will decide how difficult this schedule really is are the NFC East, and AFC East, providing a full 8 games for the Seattle schedule.

Those two divisions provided a total of two 10-win teams, but only one losing season among the 8 teams. If those teams continue to be strong from top to bottom, it will be tough for any NFC West team to cross the 10-win threshold, and it would be unlikely for the Rams or Seahawks to provide a WC entry to this year's postseason.

The division that matters most will be the 6 games against the NFC West of course, with only the Rams being a challenge a season ago. With the Rams and Seahawks each aging a year, Seattle seems to have gotten the better of that deal and is primed to overtake the Rams. But the question is, are they ready to do it, and are the Rams going to actually fall back?

Player development
After the preseason, some of the players showed signs of their continued development. Development of youth has been the rallying cry for this team over the past couple of years, and seems to have just continued on into the preseason.

HB Jordan Howard +1 BTK
FB Tra Carson +2 AWR, +1 RBK
WR Ja'Conte Nix +2 AWR
TE Brigadier Younger +1 AWR, +1 RBK
LG Landon Turner +2 PBK
LT Ryan Ramczyk +2 AWR
LOLB Hans Nelson +2 AWR, +1 TAK
CB Harry Jones Sr. +1 AWR, +1 TAK

Notable starters or potential starters include Carson, Nix, Younger, Turner, Ramczyk, and Nelson. The average among those 6 young starters was over 2 progression points per players, yet another piece of good news to go along with the report of no injuries sustained in the preseason.

Bring on the Cowboys!
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At A Glance

GM N_StMarie
Head Coach L.Fletcher
Offensive Coordinator A.Gates
Defensive Coordinator M.Trgovac
Special Teams Russ Purnell
Salary $148.2M
Cap Penalty $24.8M
Cap Room $1M


NFC West
#3 Rams y-Rams 12-4-0 0.75 5-1
#26 Seahawks Seahawks 7-9-0 0.44 3-3
#28 Cardinals Cardinals 6-10-0 0.38 4-2
#31 49ers 49ers 1-15-0 0.06 0-6

1 Sep 10 vs Cowboys Cowboys #7
Won 31-19
2 Sep 17 at Cardinals Cardinals #28
Lost 30-31
3 Sep 24 vs 49ers 49ers #31
Won 28-24
4 Oct 1 at Giants Giants #19
Won 26-23
5 Oct 8 vs Redskins Redskins #11
Lost 24-28
7 Oct 22 at 49ers 49ers #31
Won 19-13
8 Oct 29 vs Jets Jets #16
Lost 20-23
9 Nov 5 at Bears Bears #25
Won 16-10
10 Nov 12 vs Cardinals Cardinals #28
Won 38-33
11 Nov 20 vs Patriots Patriots #17
Lost 10-16
12 Nov 26 at Bills Bills #15
Won 27-20
13 Dec 3 at Dolphins Dolphins #29
Lost 29-30
14 Dec 10 at Rams Rams #3
Lost 6-34
15 Dec 17 at Eagles Eagles #10
Lost 16-33
16 Dec 23 vs Rams Rams #3
Lost 7-33
17 Dec 31 vs Buccaneers Buccaneers #6
Lost 3-20

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