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Titans #9 Tennessee Titans
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Titans Offseason Recap
T_Nissen :


Tennessee Titans
Offseason Recap

Tennessee will begin the 2023 season with their top four draft picks slated to be starters. Three being on defense. First, there's OLB T.J. Watt. The Titans are putting a lot of faith in this kid. They drafted him with the ninth overall pick and, as with many of GM Nissens early picks, they plan on him being a force on their defense for the next decade.

Next, Tennessee drafted SS Xavier Jackson III with their 30th overall pick. With Bacarri Rambo heading to the retirement home soon, the Titans wanted to upgrade that position. Last year they drafted Malik Hooker but Jackson is far more game ready and is penciled in as the starter at this position as of now.

LE Mason Henderson was drafted with the 10th pick in round two. The Titans love this kids quickness and size and are hoping he can give the defense some sorely needed pressure on opposing QB's. Something this team has been struggling to find since Aldon Smith was here.

Tennessee's next pick didn't happen until the end of round four where they drafted FB Gabir Deschamps. Not gonna lie, this kid is RAW! Best thing about him is his speed. After that, he needs work. But it is planned for him to start. The preseason will be the deciding factor for this kid.

In other news the Titans signed four veterans for no other reason than to come in and mentor some of these guys. OLB K.J. Wright and MLB Mohammed will both return to the team to mentor Watt and Tremblay. SS Steve Griffin will come in and mentor both Jackson and Hooker and DE Cliff Matthews is also joining the squad to mentor Henderson. Young-Porter will also benefit as he struggles to keep a spot on this roster.

Some other new faces are CB Kai Lee (FA), ROLB Byron Pharr (Trade), LT Elon Rafferty (FA), RG Xerxes Garner (FA), RG Shannon Crockett (MatchFA) and HB Tevin Coleman (FA). Crockett will be our starting LG and Coleman looks to take over in the next season or two as Rogers is heading into his final seasons. The others we believe are better than backup backups.

In other news, GM Nissens son has worked his was into the Big Leagues and takes on his first GMing job in Atlanta. Nissen was overheard saying "I finally get to whoop that kids ass without CPS getting involved!" All kidding aside I would like to wish Daulton much success and hopes he finds the league as enjoyable as I do.


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2022 Tennessee Titans

Titans State of the Union

This offseason has been filled with several ups and downs for this club. Starting with the draft. The Titans entered this years draft with two picks in round one but never made a selection in this round. First, they would send the 30th overall pick to the reigning champion Broncos for the services of OT Kuznetsov. Next a failed attempt to move up 8-10 spots from 1.23 for one of four players we had been eyeing. The draft clock started ticking and all four of those guys went in the next 5 picks. Now, a little saddened and angered Tennessee decided to trade the 23rd overall pick in a deal that would send them the Jaguars future 1st.

With the draft not working out the way they had hoped, Tennessee would set their sights on other off season activities like Match Eligible, Free Agent bidding and, of all things, amnesty. When all was said and done, here is what the 2022 starting Titans look like.
Players in red are new additions

Starting Lineup for Offense

QB - Derek Pope - First time starter. Henderson watching
FB - Robert Hughes - Returns for one more go around
HB - Vince Rogers - 2 time rushing champ seeks 3rd title
WR - Justin Hunter - Should improve on last season with a legit #2 on board.
WR - Sammy Watkins - New puzzle piece raises teams expectations.
WR - Kendall Wright - Former division rival will play slot
TE - Maxx Williams - A steal for a late 3rd pick via Franchise Tag -n- Trade
LT - Nathan Kuznetsov - Titans excited to have him on board
LG - Andres Crawford - Returns also for one more season
C - Hroniss Grasu - Has progressed into a very nice center piece
RG - Bo Schneider - Won in Match Eligible. Big improvement to OL
RT - Brennan Williams - Hopefully will struggle less with Schneider next to him

Starting Lineup For Defense
LE - Alex Okafor - Last season was his 1st as starter. Played out of position at RE.
DT - Johnathan Hankins - Big man anchors this D-Line
DT - Jarran Reed - More big and more strong in the middle
RE - Jacob Gannon(R) - Rookie will get a shot. Porter and Montague wait for stumble.
ROLB - James Cleveland - One of two second year LB's to get bumped to starter
MLB - Jacob Tremblay - The other young LB who will start this season
LOLB - Maurice Heffner - This guy also got his first start last season. Earned another shot.
CB - Cory Spielman - Time flies. Was our oldest CB until Slay arrived.
CB - Anders Betancourt - Entering his 3rd full season.
CB - Darius Slay - Huge improvement to our secondary after posting that we were in the market.
FS - Cleveland Orr - Another returning starter. Finally entering his prime.
SS - Bacarri Rambo - As with Slay, Rambo elevates this secondary

Lots of new faces and tons of excitement for this new season here in Tennessee. After all is said and done with this team throwing money and draft picks around this off season, the Titans should be sitting close to $2m left of their cap money and the only round of next years draft they do not possess a pick in will be the 4th round. And our only concern next off season should be the contract of our Kicker, Hopkins. With Bo Schneider coming in he will take the teams Exclusive Resign next offseason which will leave Hopkins either signing a Franchise Tag, being placed in Match Eligible or just being allowed to walk. You can make your own guess as to which option Tennessee will choose.

Good luck to the other 31 GM's this season. See ya on the field!


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Titans And Vikings Make Deal

Titans All In
For Watkins

In classic Titans fashion, Tennessee today traded the future away
to Minnesota for WR Sammy Watkins. GM Nissen has been known to pay
heavily for WR's that he really likes and this, some would say, is another

Tennessee traded their 1st and 2nd round draft picks along with WR Floyd
for Watkins services. A steep price but when it comes to 6'1" WR's with
Watkins speed and athleticism "Sometimes you just have to pay to play"
Nissen was quoted as saying about the deal.

The Titans and Chiefs went back and forth for weeks trying to find common
ground for Floyd to return for one more season here next to Hunter. On day
2 of the draft they finally found that sweet spot. Tennessee sent the Chiefs
pick 3.22 for Floyd and pick 4.21. That 4th round pick turned into DT Mopar
who some believe could've been taken at 3.22 and still been a decent pick

So, Floyd basically got to Tennessee long enough to grab a beer with his old
teammates before finding out he would be heading to the Great White
North to play out his final year of his contract...and maybe career.

As for Watkins, the Titans plan on locking him down for what could be the
rest of his career. Hunter is entering the later stages of his career so
Watkins will eventually be the guy Tennessee will call their number 1.

That is until GM Nissen goes all in on the next WR that cathes his eye.


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Titans Make It Rain

Titans Throwing Money Around

This off season has been a little different for the Titans and
their GM. They've really never had a bunch of cash lying around to be able
to go play with the big boy in Match Eligible or Free Agency bidding. But it
seems this GM managed to learn how to spend it quickly. First, Tennessee's
roster was not in "need" of too many positions so it was somewhat of a
luxury to be able to basically throw cash around. There was a couple of
needs that were filled during the process though and we'll take a look here.

QB Henderson
This move can be put right in the What The Hell Are They Doing? file. And,
after making this move I cannot say I haven't had second thoughts. The
plan was to let Pope take the reigns (and still is) in this upcoming season.
But emotion took over and Tennessee dropped a new three year deal for
him totaling over $33 million.
Since this not so bright move, QB Pope has been dragging ass around the
complex like someone stole his puppy. In fact his moral is so low at this
point in time GM Nissen has hired a couple people to watch him and make
sure he doesn't do something stupid.
Preseason needs to come quick so we can get him outta this funk.

RT Bo Schneider
Schneider is a former 1st round draft pick of the Falcons. He played his first
5 season in Atlanta but found himself in the Match Eligible portion of Free
Agency. Tennessee's initial bid was blown out of the water by Oakland and
left the Titans looking at the rest of the free agents and the elder players on
their roster. In the end there was only one thing they could do and that was
to drop even more cash into him. The decision was also made to lock the
bid to at least give us a one on one shot against Atlanta for his services.

Titans gave him a 1 year deal worth over $12 million and have every
intention of locking him up next off season.

SS Bacarri Rambo
Next up...RAMBO!! Bacarri is another former 1st round selection. This time it
was a Jets pick and he would play eight seasons for them. Like Schneider
above, this was a position the Titans needed to fill this offseason. Stacey
Williams has lost enough speed to lose his job here so Rambo will fill that
spot for one, maybe two seasons. Titans would give him a three year deal
worth around $18.5 million and look forward to watching him in our

MLB Mike Mohammed
Mohammed was actually a 3rd round selection from the Titans back in 2012.
He had plenty of veteran leadership in front of him for the 7 seasons he
spent here and never really got a shot. Eventually he was traded to the
Broncos where he would play two seasons and, as his luck would have it,
cut right before the Broncos won it all.
Anyway, Mohammed is back for a 1 year stint as basically a player/coach for
2nd year man Tremblay. Tennessee would pay him $5.2 million for this
upcoming season.

ROLB K.J. Wright
The signing of Wright is exactly the same in reason and price as Mohammed
received. Another $5.2 million contract to basically play special teams and
progress another 2nd year OLB, Cleveland.
Wright initially played for the Dolphins for 7 seasons before playing two
more in Detroit.

FB Robert Hughes
Hughes played the last three seasons here in Tennessee. He dipped his toe
in the market and found out the market isn't really into fullbacks that have
already lost a step but still want to get paid. The Titans didn't see ANY
better options in the trade blocks or free agency for that matter. So, they
did what they've been doing this off season. Pay the man!
Hughes will also enjoy a 1 year contract worth $4 million but he isn't
expected to be in a backup/mentor role. Nope, unless something changes
between now and opening day, he will be the Titans starting full back one
more time.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I hear what sounds like a small boy crying in the
broom closet out in the hall. Friggin' Pope! QB's are such primadonna's!


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Titan News

Titans Trade Picks

The Titans have announced a couple of trades
today. It happens most seasons with this GM in charge. Trading picks for
players that have a little experience already under their belt but plenty of
years left to grow and play.

TE Maxx Williams

First trade was with the San Francisco 49ers. This Tight End was drafted by
the Niners at 2.7 in the 2018 draft. It appears he started his first couple
seasons but then fell to a #2 role. Former Titans TE Kyle Rudolph had his
best season last year but he has lost a step and his contract is up. While
D.J. Williams is currently on the roster, he too has lost a step and will
struggle to remain a Titan.
Tennessee gave 3.23 to the Niners in a Tag 'n' Trade deal. Titans feel that
was a good deal for a pretty solid TE who seems to be an all around type
guy. He can catch and block pretty well, especially in the run game.

OT Nathan Kuznetsov

Tennessee's Offensive Line is in serious need of some younger players. That
said, they were also looking for that player that had some experience and
growth already. Enter Kuznetsov. Drafted by the Broncos at 2.6 in 2020,
this kid has his game awareness and blocking skills up to a point where the
Titans believe he can hold down the Left Tackle position for years to come.
They also have not ruled out changing him to a Guard but that seems
unlikely and would stunt the growth they paid for. Titans sent pick 1.30 to
Denver for him and a 4th round pick.

Tennessee seems to be pretty busy in the front office. We will keep you and
our 3 other fans posted on any future roster moves.


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All Team News Stories

At A Glance

GM T_Nissen
Head Coach P.Manning
Offensive Coordinator T.Romo
Defensive Coordinator B.Flowers
Special Teams L.Mac Duff
Salary $164.96M
Cap Penalty $8.67M
Cap Room $370K

Titans Cliff Matthews RE 86 Out for season
Titans TJ Watt ROLB 85 Out for season
Titans Josse Williams TE 87 2 weeks

AFC South
#9 Titans y-Titans 10-6-0 0.63 5-1
#13 Texans x-Texans 9-7-0 0.56 3-3
#22 Colts Colts 5-11-0 0.31 3-3
#32 Jaguars Jaguars 2-14-0 0.13 1-5

1 Sep 7 vs Colts Colts #22
Won 34-27
2 Sep 17 vs Packers Packers #5
Won 25-21
3 Sep 24 at Bears Bears #25
Lost 13-24
4 Oct 1 vs Lions Lions #1
Lost 24-30
5 Oct 8 vs Browns Browns #14
Lost 20-44
6 Oct 15 vs Texans Texans #13
Won 26-23
7 Oct 22 at Jaguars Jaguars #32
Lost 23-27
9 Nov 5 at Raiders Raiders #23
Won 37-19
10 Nov 12 at Vikings Vikings #2
Lost 19-27
11 Nov 19 vs Steelers Steelers #27
Won 38-10
12 Nov 26 vs Jets Jets #16
Lost 34-51
13 Dec 3 at Texans Texans #13
Won 33-27
14 Dec 10 vs Jaguars Jaguars #32
Won 34-13
15 Dec 16 at Ravens Ravens #8
Won 23-18
16 Dec 25 at Colts Colts #22
Won 29-22
17 Dec 31 at Bengals Bengals #20
Won 25-24

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