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Titans Offseason Recap
T_Nissen :


Tennessee Titans
Offseason Recap

Tennessee will begin the 2023 season with their top four draft picks slated to be starters. Three being on defense. First, there's OLB T.J. Watt. The Titans are putting a lot of faith in this kid. They drafted him with the ninth overall pick and, as with many of GM Nissens early picks, they plan on him being a force on their defense for the next decade.

Next, Tennessee drafted SS Xavier Jackson III with their 30th overall pick. With Bacarri Rambo heading to the retirement home soon, the Titans wanted to upgrade that position. Last year they drafted Malik Hooker but Jackson is far more game ready and is penciled in as the starter at this position as of now.

LE Mason Henderson was drafted with the 10th pick in round two. The Titans love this kids quickness and size and are hoping he can give the defense some sorely needed pressure on opposing QB's. Something this team has been struggling to find since Aldon Smith was here.

Tennessee's next pick didn't happen until the end of round four where they drafted FB Gabir Deschamps. Not gonna lie, this kid is RAW! Best thing about him is his speed. After that, he needs work. But it is planned for him to start. The preseason will be the deciding factor for this kid.

In other news the Titans signed four veterans for no other reason than to come in and mentor some of these guys. OLB K.J. Wright and MLB Mohammed will both return to the team to mentor Watt and Tremblay. SS Steve Griffin will come in and mentor both Jackson and Hooker and DE Cliff Matthews is also joining the squad to mentor Henderson. Young-Porter will also benefit as he struggles to keep a spot on this roster.

Some other new faces are CB Kai Lee (FA), ROLB Byron Pharr (Trade), LT Elon Rafferty (FA), RG Xerxes Garner (FA), RG Shannon Crockett (MatchFA) and HB Tevin Coleman (FA). Crockett will be our starting LG and Coleman looks to take over in the next season or two as Rogers is heading into his final seasons. The others we believe are better than backup backups.

In other news, GM Nissens son has worked his was into the Big Leagues and takes on his first GMing job in Atlanta. Nissen was overheard saying "I finally get to whoop that kids ass without CPS getting involved!" All kidding aside I would like to wish Daulton much success and hopes he finds the league as enjoyable as I do.


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At A Glance

GM T_Nissen
Head Coach P.Manning
Offensive Coordinator T.Romo
Defensive Coordinator B.Flowers
Special Teams L.Mac Duff
Salary $164.96M
Cap Penalty $8.67M
Cap Room $370K

Titans Cliff Matthews RE 86 Out for season
Titans TJ Watt ROLB 85 Out for season
Titans Josse Williams TE 87 2 weeks

AFC South
#9 Titans y-Titans 10-6-0 0.63 5-1
#13 Texans x-Texans 9-7-0 0.56 3-3
#22 Colts Colts 5-11-0 0.31 3-3
#32 Jaguars Jaguars 2-14-0 0.13 1-5

1 Sep 7 vs Colts Colts #22
Won 34-27
2 Sep 17 vs Packers Packers #5
Won 25-21
3 Sep 24 at Bears Bears #25
Lost 13-24
4 Oct 1 vs Lions Lions #1
Lost 24-30
5 Oct 8 vs Browns Browns #14
Lost 20-44
6 Oct 15 vs Texans Texans #13
Won 26-23
7 Oct 22 at Jaguars Jaguars #32
Lost 23-27
9 Nov 5 at Raiders Raiders #23
Won 37-19
10 Nov 12 at Vikings Vikings #2
Lost 19-27
11 Nov 19 vs Steelers Steelers #27
Won 38-10
12 Nov 26 vs Jets Jets #16
Lost 34-51
13 Dec 3 at Texans Texans #13
Won 33-27
14 Dec 10 vs Jaguars Jaguars #32
Won 34-13
15 Dec 16 at Ravens Ravens #8
Won 23-18
16 Dec 25 at Colts Colts #22
Won 29-22
17 Dec 31 at Bengals Bengals #20
Won 25-24

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